4 Bigger Than Life Facts About the Tennessee Titans:

When do historical figures become immortal? It probably happens when they crawl into our daily lives. For example, consider the Titans. In Greek mythology, the Titans included twelve children of the gods Ge (Earth) and Uranus (Heaven). The Titans were huge and powerful.
Thus, the Titanic was named as such. Today we say that “Jane is Titan’s business,” or that “Shakespeare was a tithe of Renaissance literature.” Here are some interesting facts about some of the other titans, the Tennessee Titans:
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1. The origin of the “Titans” is Greece and Memphis
The Tennessee Titans used to be the Houston Nettlers, where they played from 1960-1996. After moving to Nashville in Tennessee in 1997, the team played two NFL seasons as Tennessee Oilers.
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Team and owner Bud Adams decided to change the team’s nickname. It is common knowledge that the Titans were powerful gods of Greek mythology. However, do you know that people often refer to Nashville as “South Athens”?
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2. The Titans have earned playoff spots in nearly half of their seasons
After moving to Tennessee, the Titans played 11 seasons from 1997-2007. During that time, the Titans qualified for almost five of their five seasons (1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007) or nearly ten years in Tennessee.
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In addition, they split the Championship twice (2000, 2002), played in two AFC Championship games (1999, 2002), and made one Super Cup (1999). Indeed, the Titans are titans in the NFL.
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3. Houston Oilers / Tennessee Titans players have earned NFL records
Throughout their history, various players from the Houston Oilers and Tennessee Titans have ended the regular season as leaders in many categories, including:
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o Interruptions. Mike Reinfeldt. 12 (1979)
o Kickoff is back. Bobby Jancik (1962: 30.3; 1963: 29.3)
o passer rating. Steve McNair: 100.4 (2003)
o Transient touch. Warren Moon. 33 (1990)
o Punishment by Craig Henrich. 47.2 (1998)
o Punt Returns. Pacman Jones: 12.9 (2006)
o Rushing. Earl Campbell (1978, 1979, 1980)
o Touchdowns. Earl Bambell: 19 (19 hurry) (1979)
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4. The Titans have played at three stadiums since 1997:
After moving from Texas to Tennessee, the Titans & # 39; temporary home was Memphis & # 39; Liberty Bowl. The Oilers played their first game in Tennessee at the Liberty Bowl, defeating the Oakland Raiders overseas 24-21.
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After one season in Memphis, the Titans & # 39; the big brass decided that the team should move to Nashville. So they signed a one-year contract to play Vanderbilt University & # 39; at the stadium.
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In 1999, the oil became titans and went onto the field at a new stadium, the Adelphia Coliseum. Interestingly, the stadium itself also had two name changes. Since 2002 he has been in Coliseum. and since 2006, LP Field.
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Since moving from Texas to Tennessee, these Titans have created a fascinating franchise story. It started with their new nickname. After finishing 2nd overall in the league, the team hopes to take the next giant step, the NFL Championship. Enjoy the victory of the Tennessee Titans using high quality NFL products!
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