Arrested in Germantown, TN. What's next?

Germantown is a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, located in Shelby County, Tennessee. Located outside Memphis, it has an independent city government, including its own judicial system. So, if you are charged with a crime in Antermontown, your case will not be heard in the Memphis Center court, but in the 1930s Germantown Municipal Court on South Germantown Rd. Germantown court convenes once a week on Wednesday.

As in all Tennessee jurisdictions, Germantown crimes fall into two broad categories: crime and crime. Both are serious cases, but criminal offenses are extremely serious. In fact, all offenses and a number of offenses are subject to probation, which means that jail time can be avoided, and most of them can be removed from the criminal record for the first time.

The following are some of the more common offenses in Germantown court:

Internal attack
Unreasonable driving
In possession of underage alcohol
Marijuana possession
Disorderly conduct

Under Tennessee law, the maximum sentence for most of these crimes is 11 months and 29 days. A Germantown criminal defense lawyer should contact you to see what options are available to keep your record and to avoid jail time.

For example, in connection with allegations made in a Germantown department store, the crime may be delayed for a while, while the defendant pays the costs and performs community service. At the end of that period the charge may be repaid. Your lawyer can coordinate with the store and the prosecutor's office on how to do this.

Germantown home assault cases can sometimes be resolved without litigation or guilt. Probation is always an option for those who qualify, and this may require completion of anger management classes and other court-approved conditions. In addition, the accused may be allowed to return home while the case is still pending. If the victim agrees, the Germantown domestic violence lawyer can work with the prosecutor and judge without changing the procedure.

In the case of Germantown fast tickets, the court offers a six-month probation. If the individual does not receive another ticket then the ticket will be deducted from the legal costs. A Germantown express ticket lawyer can take the matter to court and settle it.

DUI cases in Germantown are another matter. These cases are not easily dismissed and may be tried. In disputing DUI's case, consider some things about any illegal activity by the police, driver, or police on standardized field sobriety tests, and whether he has taken a blood alcohol test, and if so. , what was the result? There could be many other factors. A Germantown DUI lawyer can advise you after further investigation.

Cases of delicacy, such as drug intent and sex offenses, are likely to be referred to a grand jury and cannot be filed in Germantown court. However, you will need to contact a Germantown criminal defense lawyer to start an investigation and find out which options are available to resolve the case.

Whatever your case, you will have to retain a lawyer, and you will have to go to court, possibly many times. The more serious the charge, the longer it takes to settle, and the greater the likelihood of punishment. However, for the first time for most criminals, there will be options to avoid persistent beliefs.