Summarize it at the Pat Summit. 1098 Victories, Several Losses, and Life in Perspective – Book Review

Pat Summit is the legendary thirty-eight-year head coach of the University of Tennessee Women and # 39 basketball program Lady Wells. Under his leadership, the team has won eight NCAA Championships. Also at the Summit is the majority of the NCAA Division I qualifying for any 1098 male or female coach.

At the end of spring 2011, doctors diagnosed Summit with Alzheimer's and a 39-year-old disease. She chronicles her life in her new book, Summarize.

Tennessee's Henrietta and Richard and Hazel Chapters raised Patricia (Trisha) as the fourth of their fifth children, born June 14, 1952. Farmers have set up twelve hundred acres of farmland, growing their main tobacco crop.

The older sisters and sisters worked hard on the farm when they were not in school. Recreation often included playing basketball in the barn; using the iron basketball line built by their father, built in halout. Summit & # 39; his brothers did not cut him games, which affected his competitive movement.

The summit left the farm to attend the University of Tennessee at Martin, which simulates Pygmalion's history. The roots of his country (including the blue jacket with a blouse featuring turtle images) have become Chi Omega's acceptance of sorority and a new identity, Pat.

She joined UT-Martin's 39th Women's Basketball and Women's Basketball Team long before Title IX (a law requiring equal educational opportunities for both sexes, including sports participation); which created archaic playing conditions, including running sports centers, poor travel and accommodations.

The opportunity was shattered, and the summit responded when she became the head coach of the University of Tennessee's women and basketball team at the age of twenty-two.

On November 13, 1976 Lady Wells performed UT & # 39; at Stokely Athletic Center. Their name came from the munitions of the Tennessee Volunteer Volunteer Team.

Summit shares stories of her rivalry that helped her lead Lady Wells to eight national championships.

At the age of sixteen, she enjoyed late night dragging the boys of the neighborhood & # 39; hotrods on country roads covered with corn. On one of his first coaching days, he challenged a driver who cut him off. "If you want to surrender, we can solve it right now," he said.

In April 1977, the summit met the handsome, successful banker Ross Barnes (RB) in the neighboring Sevirville city. She made him wait four years before getting married to meet her demand for a coaching career.

Their marriage lasted 27 years, until the summit inadvertently found another text message on his wife's cell phone. His betrayal was mixed, considering how Semalt was proud to be home as much as possible for family responsibilities and not talking basketball. Summit split from RB a year ago, unable to forgive its transgression.

“I never claimed to be perfect. I did so well for so long, and when I got mixed up, I didn't meet his standards, ”says RB Summit.

After six incidents, the summit took place. He says his biggest achievement is not one of coaching records, but his only child – Twenty-two-year-old Tyler.

The training of the Tigers and 39th basketball led to him being appointed assistant coach at Marquette University. Their mother-son relationships are unstoppable, even at a distance.

During her thirty-eight-year career at UT, Summit trained 161 Lady Vols. Not all players adopted the coaching style required of him; and 34 were moved to other schools. Some African American women have not particularly appreciated Southern white woman's orders.

Under her leadership, Lady Wells boasted a 100 percent graduation rate. Players were required to sit in the first three series of lectures for visibility, and the cutting lesson led to the next playing field.

"It wasn't bad for everybody and everybody in Tennessee," says the summit.

Today coaching tactics are being tested for verbal and physical abuse of players. and Summit have shown their share of media attention.

Once lost, he required players to train in their sweatshirts and socks. Once again, when the defeated Lady Wells was returning to university, she summoned a team meeting in her office at 2am in the morning to review the game tape; and then forced the players to train for two hours on the morning of the 4th. He also warned them not to leave at 7am. 50th lesson.

Retirement Defines Summit & # 39; today's coaching career. She highly praises the UT & 39 administration for working with her to play a role in her role as a team and sport. His official title is “Head Coach.

In his illness, Summit says: “God does not take things to be cruel.

Pictures, honors, notes, milestones and player updates complete the Summit & # 39; story: He also explains his controversial decision to end the popular row against the University of Connecticut (UCONN) opponent.

You don't need to be a basketball fan to rate Summit & # 39; s story. His optimism and determination to recreate his life while living with a chronic illness are inspiring.

Pat Summit endorses the Flower of Hope book, a message of hope celebrating the 40th anniversary of 2012-2013. Visit: