The Reds & # 39; New subsidiary should spark interest from Appalachian League fans:

Even before the start of the winter gathering, the Reds have made a huge addition to their organization even before the Athletics Championships begin. It will have no effect on the field, but it can have a huge impact on the franchise.

The Reds are finally returning to the Appalachian League, a start-up conference with teams based on traditions that have traditionally been in the Reds. Cities in the suburbs of Inc. Inc, such as Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia, make up the heart that is most beloved as the "Appy League."

According to beaten journalist Jacques Buchanan: Cincinnati Enquirer The Reds have acquired a subsidiary in Greenville, Tennessee. They now own and control the Rookie Level Club, which will compete with other Reds teams such as Kingsport, Johnson City and Elizabethton.

The deal will help revive interest in the Major League club, which has been virtually inexplicably without the Appalachian League subsidiary for more than twenty years. That long absence most likely led to a loss of interest in baseball in inc incineration as prospects for local teams play for the Reds' rivals in St. Louis, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh.

Ns Johnson City and Bristol, located in Tennessee, were members of the original Appalachian League in 1916. Six teams played what was designated a D League for development.

Another of the two Tennessee towns, Kingsport, joined the league when it resumed in 1921, after six years in office. Elizabeth joined in 1937 after a long 12-year respect for the league. Over the next twenty years, the league brought together more teams, including the Greenville team, which served as a subsidiary of Kuber and the Stars.

The Appalachian League has been called the Rookie Level since 1962, with the season starting in June and ending in August. The last time the Reds had a subsidiary was in 1996, when Princeton City served as a farm club for the incineration.

Geographically, the league is closer to Cincinnati than any other major league city, and fans in the area should now be very excited. Everything has to do with the fact that the Reds are in the middle of a rebuild, which has led to fewer victories than most teams.

While this may be bad news for the people of Queen City, those who participate in the Appalachian League games will simply benefit. Because of their poor record, the Reds will be the first teams to develop, which means one of the top five prospects in the entire country will appeal to the Greenville team in 2018.