Clay Matthews – Everything in the Family

Green Bay Packer player Clay Matthews has the NFL surname. There is a long history of football in the Matthews family that goes all the way back to Clay Matthews, Sr., who was an offensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers in the 1950s. His son, Clay Matthews, was a junior junior who played for the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons. Bruce Matthews' younger brother, Bruce Matthews, was one of the best offensive columnists in NFL history and played for the Houston Oilers / Tennessee Oilers / Tennessee Titans franchise from 1983 to 2001. Clay Matthews III is currently the Green Bay Packers linebacker. be very good at the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award. Clay III also has a younger brother, Casey, who also strives for NFL status. Casey currently plays for the University of Oregon.

Brothers Clay and Bruce and Clay III and his brother Kyle all attended the University of Southern California. Although Clay III accepted USC as a student athlete, he received a full sports scholarship in 2006. In 2006 and 2007, he was awarded a Special Team Player of the American University of America and was awarded a Special Team Player of the American University of America. 2008 Making him the only player in US history to be awarded three Special Teams of the Year awards

One might think that the pressure coming from such well-known lines would pose a danger to some players. Not so with Clay Matthews. He fully embraces his footballing heritage and uses the wisdom of his family members who have come a long way to make his game better. In a recent interview with Bob Costas, Clay was asked if his family members were critical of his performance. Clay replied: “All the time, if you are all the time, if you are in the Matthews family, it grows a lot. They let you know what he is doing right and what he is doing wrong, I would have no other way. They have been very helpful wherever I am, why I am here and I feel better …. I will continue to seek them for guidance. " Pressure on other players can be an exciting tool, as Andrea Kremer of NBC Sports says Clay III is about to say. It has become one of the most motivating tools. There's a lot of pressure because of the name, but it's not worse than putting pressure on me. ”

Clay III and his father not only share the DNA that makes them athletes, but they also share the honor of being the only father-in-law to be named NFL Defensive Player of the Week. Another weird twist of Fate is that they had / had the same power and conditioning coach Dave Redding.

By all accounts the Matthews family is very close and dedicated to the family as well as their favorite game. Clay Matthews III finally came into possession after a lot of hard work and determination.