Song titles in which the four vowels are all the same;

I usually do very well At stake categories of words, but I missed two of the five shown on February 28th. The theme featured words in which the only vowel of the word appears four times – the referee, Madagascar and the cook.

Amb Ambalaya was just the first response to the name of Hank Williams' famous song, which prompted me to think about applying this theme to music. The night after the brain storm, there are ten titles featuring only one vowel that appears at least four times.

Two doors down from Dolly Parton

Along with the cover, this hit pushed Here You Come Again to the top of the album charts in 1977.

Alabama from Neil Young

Lynyrd Skynyrd stabbed this song and its writer in the opening part of Sweet Home Alabama, reminding him that a Southern man did not want to surround him in any way.

Voodoo according to Black Sabbath

By time Mass rules Ozzy Osbourne came out in 1981, but it was Ronnie James James Dion after this album.

Helen wheels author Paul McCartney

The title track was much more popular, but this single still sounds the most Band is running .

Faraway country By Allison Crouse and Union Station

Still considering the new blue Renaissance queen of the nineties, Kruse and her band finally released a live album in 2003 that brought the song to life.

Tennessee by ny ony cache

With Nashville as its Capitol City, it should be as much of a surprise to see this state as the title of a Tony Cash song.

Let them be there by Olivia Newton .on

The Australian was almost unknown when this first single came out in 1973, but not only was she not only a top selling singer but also a star actress.

Lowdown dog by Big Joe Turne r

Many singers have covered this country classically, but Turner's version has become more enduring.

Green eyes By Coldplay

An alternative rock band led by Chris Martin posted this track on their second album, A Rush blood on his head .

Still fighting it By Ben Folds

Rockin & # 39; suburbs and this tune was a bit of a return for Folds, who had split up with the other two guys in Ben Folds five years earlier.