Watching Debi Pearl's Vision Overview:

Debbie Pearl is already known for her children's training courses, such as "Train Your Child," co-authored with her husband, Michael. Recently he wrote a book on the magic of hit "Created to be His Help Service" to your face & # 39; the attack on feminism and the anti-biblical philosophy of marriage and home. Fearing not to meet controversial issues, Debi boldly proclaimed God's formation for a married woman. It is predicted that the book has garnered much praise and criticism.

Debbie has now retaken the pen (or computer) by writing the first in a series of well-studied fiction stories. The author confesses that the story takes place in the rural community of Tennessee, where they live and focus on publishing and distributing her husband and 39th legendary successful book. (This is a chronological Bible depicted, a Bible story book with a message. The current goal is to translate Bar and Char into 100 different languages, and 25 to complete or nearly complete.)

The Vision, despite being a novel, also has to cause controversy. Muslim extremists plan to stop printing and distributing the illustrated short story book to the Muslim community. The hero, Asher, decides to do the work of his mentor to get the Gospel to Arab Muslims through an Arabic translation of the book. He moves to Tennessee, where a book of short stories is published – an obvious reference to No No Greater Joy & # 39; s printing and book distribution activities.

Debi includes herbal herbal remedies and treatments that she has learned over the years. The plot is a dense herb as a means of raising money for book printing and distribution, targeting a white dominant group that makes beer money for its own purposes.

Future intrigues hint when Asher learns of a major fault line that passes through Yellowstone National Park. This threatens the whole country with volcanic lava and poisonous ashes, if possible.

The publishing center becomes a haven for not only Asher but also Magdalena, a woman who by accident & # 39; ends in the community and lives the healing love of Christ by other women. Enemies are getting closer to their goals as the Recent Publishers continue their vision of reaching the Gospel through the illustrated book.

In his own summary, Debbie Pearl concludes: "But at the most unexpected moment it seems that the terrorists are winning. Finished: Is God in control? " Until & # 39; I'm not going to spoil the plot for you, I can say that while some conflicts are resolved before it's over, others aren't, as this is the first of a series of books.