Blue ward seat

Jeroki called this mysterious land "the place of the Blue Smoke" or Sacramento (Shap-con-A-J) in their language. I decided to go for it and take my family or my 4th to vacation on Smoked Mountains this year.

It is a center in the state of Tennessee. Little wonder that Great Smokey Mountain State Park is the most traveled state park in the United States.

There are a few observations I would like to mention about Tennessee. The first thing I noticed was that gas was 20 cents cheaper than Indiana, and .30 cents cheaper than Kentucky. It looks like the whole state is using the Kroger plus card.

Residents in Indiana are charged $ 5.00 for moving to any state park. Non-residents are charged $ 7.00. I was shocked when I drove the Smokey Mountain National Park by accident. It's & # 39; it's free.

By the way, they have 1500 bears in the park. It's & # 39; s 2 for each square mile. You can pay $ 3.50 to see bears in the city's Christmas shop, or you can drive to the park for free. Free work now.

Speaking for free, the park has tours and youth lessons for children during the tour season. This includes blacksmithing lessons: like the old west, and even the expedition's beautiful waterfall. Many of these lessons or tours are free to the public.

As we rolled into Pigeon Forge TN, we saw Earth Glitz, likes I had never seen; and I lived in Texas growing up for 2 years. You will see Hatfield & # 39; s and McCoys with the Rhinestone Sparkleys, and they even have a Mind Reading Pig. On the highway we counted 3 Farris Wheels and 5 miniature golf (for death).

The first day we went to Dollywood & Splash Country. The park features some rare runs. For starters, it has the world's only watercraft.

After entering the park, there is a sign that there will be no tolerance for wrong language and actions, even on T-shirts. Most places now want your money, a little too much. It refreshes seeing a place that puts the needs of the right customers out of the almighty dollar. Dollywood also offers a 30% discount for servicemen and their dependence.

In fact, I could see a little more of the fear of God in this whole area than I usually do elsewhere. For example, we saw what a great adult sex shop was. right next to where someone planted a humble white cross. They have no cookies, about the good fight between them in the hills.

It was raining for a couple of days during our visit and it was a little stormy. That may have been a blessing, as I burned pretty well on the lazy river. My son was a little short for 15 feet per slide. So he talked to me, bathing twice. which was a rotating rotor with thousands of feet. which of course allowed him to swim with me alone.

He was talking to me while he was walking around in what he called the "Toilet Fuse" (real name is unknown), another rare horse ride where you seem to be going downhill at 300 miles an hour. speed before putting it into circulation. Thank God someone saw the lightning a few miles away, or I would have spilled it.

In fact, for some reason, when the water turns around, I approach fearlessly. I ran once Neste Plunge King's & # 39; on the island; a trip that was considered too dangerous, so they fell. They actually have what looks like a duplicate in Dollywood. One of the King's Islands actually takes you out of the slide for a few seconds. What I can confirm can lead you to move your feet in a calm way, leading to a groin injury. Ouch!

Day 2, we went to a real Hollywood park. We had a blast. Tram staff; has stated that if you have tires, you should jump or be locked out of your car. Dollywood security will help you for free. The masters of the country are polite here.

My son had to drive a silver T-Bird, and he pressed the tires. My daughter & # 39; favorite outing for the Grand Gusher; a walk that no visitor should do. In hot July or August, just don't visit the amusement parks without getting their wings and socks wet. I was sitting next to two young boys with my family. They proudly announced: "Better to get out of the gold bond" (itchy cream).

We saw 2 shows to help you beat the rain. The first was GAC (Great American Country). I really liked the Staff & # 39; His eye is on a sparrow; . It was followed by Christie Lee Cook. She is as talented as she is beautiful. He came out after the screening, and I allowed him to take pictures with my wife and daughter. He had no idea that I was writing a travel review.

Talking about Classy Gals; You can visit Hollywood without learning & # 39; a little somewhere & # 39; about Mrs. Dolly Parton.

You see, the church in which Dolly grew up was resting, just as baptized as they come. Somewhere in the quote, it was very clear that Dolly earned her success from the good Lord above. He also has a Hall of Fame in one of his museums.

The fame of Dolly and her 39 can be attributed to her high quality "Opri" sound, and one figure on her grass day was just as good as she was. However, her inner beauty is more beautiful.

Hollywood has a segment called "His People" and they have a screening called "Heart Song" featuring his family. She values ​​family and treats her with decency. There is even a copy of his family home in which he grew up.

The park also plans $ 30 million worth of renovations. There will be more trips and shows (I suppose it is possible).

In conclusion, the Tennessee and Smokey Mountains are an area full of southern values. It adorns the country's lightning smile. There are many things to see and do, some in the National Park for free oudoors; some not so free.