Police recorded a public record. Find out more

It is no longer strange to file files in the archives of the police department or any state agency that oversees public data. This task is not limited to or performed solely by private investigators or any agency that requires a history check. In fact, people of all professions and status of life can freely […]

Arrested in Germantown, TN. What's next?

Germantown is a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, located in Shelby County, Tennessee. Located outside Memphis, it has an independent city government, including its own judicial system. So, if you are charged with a crime in Antermontown, your case will not be heard in the Memphis Center court, but in the 1930s Germantown Municipal Court on […]

How Judicial Diversion Works in Tennessee

Judicial diversion is a criminal process in which a person is found guilty of a crime and may subsequently dismiss (or destroy) the charge after passing a probation after their entry. It is awarded by a judge, hence his name. This article will discuss the process and requirements of judicial diversification, but would recommend that […]

How to Restore Your Civil Rights in Tennessee?

The Tennessee legislature has established a procedure for restoring citizenship for people convicted of "notorious" crime, more commonly known as "crime." Restoration of citizenship has some limitations, but it largely restores the level of one civil society to that of a convict. The Tennessee Code, incorporated by 40-29-101 through 40-29-106, sets out the requirements for […]

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Memphis in Tennessee

Being born in Memphis makes me a little biased about the benefits of this city, located on the bluff of the Mississippi River. However, after moving and returning home, I now see it as a tourist. Memphis is rich in history, full of family activities and sights, music and some of the best meals you'll […]