Discovering Grassy Cove Saltpeter Caves

[ad_1] On Friday, March 1972, John von Wallace checked his four-seater for a flight to Tennessee at Charlie Brown Airport in Atlanta. The program was designed by Johnny's wife, Unland, and their children, Paul and Erica, along with Art Art Smith and Jack Ye Pace to drive to Canberra Mountain State Park in Crossville, Tennessee, […]

DUI Defense. What to look for when hiring a lawyer

[ad_1] Being convicted of driving under the influence of Tennessee could lead to a hard life. Initially, prosecutors did nothing to stop you behind bars and punish you with other prison sentences, such as court fines, revocation of your license, alcohol counseling, and community service. Even when you've been through your sentence and everything that […]

Summer for the Gods by Edward Larson. Book review:

[ad_1] Summer for the Gods Field Experience and Continuing American Discussions on Edward Larson's Science and Religion: Book review: Dayton, Tennessee & # 39; Popular Monkey Trials can be traced back to page 5 of the Chattanooga Times. That is where, on May 4, 1925, ASPU issued a press release: "Planned Attack on State Law […]

Biggest SEC Baseball Player of All Time

[ad_1] It's not easy to try to identify the best college baseball player in the Southeastern Conference. But you should consider Todd Helton from Knoxville, who still plays baseball professionally. He started with the Major in 1997 with the Colorado Rookies, but before that he was playing baseball with the Tennessee Volunteers. He was their […]

Fishing Sal Are you cold for salmon?

[ad_1] Fishing for Salmon in mid-January is not fun at all for Salmon. In the long cold charm of North Alabama that I had seen for decades, I was sitting in a boat in the middle of the Tennessee River, freezing my feet. Jack the Salmon, in fact the Saugers, seem to bite harder on […]