Famous Assassins – Famous Assassins of the 1800s

Throughout history, murderers have always seemed to divert public attention. Accident victims, their calculated killers, and all the horrific details of the crime seem to fascinate most people, and trials are often sensational events that captivate the masses. The murderers of their horrible crimes in the 19th century were no different than today's criminals, but […]

Black snake irony

Black Snake Moan is a 2006 film directed and directed by Craig Brewer. Shot in the city of Stanton, Tennessee, it begins with Samuel L. Baker. Acks Essen, Christina Ricky and Justin Astin Timberlake. The plot, according to Brewer, is based entirely on the 1861 George Eliot novel "Silas Marie". In the film, Samuel L. […]

Complete guide to Nashville:

Here's some important information for turning on your lights, getting your water, license, and vehicle registration officer. Name and registration of vehicles When moving to Nashville, visit the Davidson County Clerk's Office to have your vehicle name and registration transferred to the state of Tennessee. The head office is located at 700 South 2nd 700, […]

Street car called desire

Thomas Lanier Williams, known as Tennessee Williams, author of A Street Car Named Desire presents the paradox and paradox that real life can offer. It is a staged performance with elements of tragedy and pathos, released and staged in 1947. The theme of the story is the clashes with which the central hero Blanche Dubois […]