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Yemen Emergency Appeal

Yemen is currently in a crisis of humanitarian nature. The worst cholera epidemic ever recorded in the world has claimed thousands of lives and made tens of millions more sick. Hunger strikes continue in Yemen, as people protest against the their oppression by the government. They are accused of using unrestrained bombing operations to destroy regions controlled by rebels, with no regard for civilians’ lives or infrastructure areas.

16 million people live in hunger every day in Yemen as well as an health system that’s been essentially destroyed by more than seven years of fighting and war, there’s nowhere for them to go. Without any other options aside from their homes, living or dead COVID19 virus sufferers are being wasted in the sand because medical professionals don’t have access to their communities; too busy fighting one another rather than trying to save lives.

The country’s deteriorating circumstances provide the perfect conditions to facilitate HIV transmission. There are 4 million people who live with nowhere permanent to call home, and they can’t even eat enough as food prices continue to rise even as wages remain low. the money that is available is not sufficient for making sure that basic necessities are met, like health care or drinking water that is clean! It is because of this that the pandemic cannot be prevented without international aid. However, it is crucial to act quickly before it becomes too late.

The Yemenite people are fighting the spreading of Cholera for quite a while and are not fully out-of danger just yet. With international aid such as World Vision UK and Save The Children US as well as COVID -19 being in place it appears that there is some signs of hope.

How donating to Welfare Trusts is helping the people of Yemen

In this time of mass suffering in the world, welfare trusts have been able to provide millions with life-saving water and food. They also offer COVID-19 hygiene kits to stop the spread of this fatal virus that has already claimed the lives of many in Yemen.

Welfare trusts in Yemen have been working tirelessly for the benefit of Yemen’s vulnerable population over the last several years. They deliver humanitarian aid in extremely difficult situations for instance, when they’re unable to arrive at their destination due to conflicts. This is one reason why the international organizations like them are crucial.

In an era when millions of people struggle to survive We’re thankful to know that help is readily available for those in need. The goal is to help people to get out of poverty through working with local partners and providing cash, food as well as other essential items.

Many generous donors have given their time and money to give women in Yemen an opportunity to start anew life. Maternity facilities, which are part of a welfare trust, receive donations from charitable organizations to ensure that each woman is able to deliver safely without suffering from dehydration or health risks during labor. Rehabilitation centers provide medical and post-birth services for mothers before they return back to society.

In response to COVID-19 a lot of welfare trusts have started to provide hygiene kits to families that live in makeshift camps and also safe drinking water so it is available at public facilities, such as hospitals or schools.

For more information, click yemen charity

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